“A recent survey found 90 percent of respondents said association rules protect or enhance their property values, and about 85 were said their experiences were positive or neutral.

About one third of Arizona’s housing stock is in a community association, which means almost two million Arizonans are connected a home-owners or condominium association.

KJZZ listener Michele wanted to know more about these associations, and asked via Q&AZ.

Most community associations are set up by the developers of the area, said Dawn Bauman, the senior vice president at the Community Associations Institute, a national trade association.

She said this can help take some of the pressure off localities.

“The locality kind of transfers the obligation to the association to serve the residents with some of the municipal services,” she said. “Things like beautification, trash removal, recycling, even maintenance of the sidewalks and lights and sometimes green areas.””

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Image source: https://cooperator.com/article/running-small-associations