For those users who take advantage of our Express Mailing product, you may have noticed the addition of “User Defined Fields“.



Users may now map up to 4 additional fields within Address Page Messaging for Express Mailings. You will define these variables on the data mapping screen and map the data per your usage of the field within the Address Page Messaging text boxes.


This gives the ability to enter homeowner specific details, such as:

  • Account IDs
  • Unit Addresses
  • Emails
  • Other information unique to each homeowner found in your mailing list (CSV File)






Address Page Messaging is a completely optional feature (for Express General Mail) and is used for those who want to take advantage of the bottom 2/3 of the Address Page.



If you DO NOT need to use Address Page Messaging, you can simply disregard mapping any information to the User Defined fields on the “Upload CSV” Page. You will still be prompted to check the box to acknowledge the information mapped in each of the 8 fields.



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