Coupon Newsletters



Did you know you can have your “Newsletters”
(Welcome Letter, Budget, etc.) bound within
your communities Coupon Booklets?

What better way to ensure your additional documents stay tied to the booklet for the entire year!?!
Your communities documents can’t be accidentally discarded when bound!

Do you have a community that still wants to keep the document’s separate?
No worries!

The option to bind your documents within the booklet is controlled
association by association!!!

Printing newsletters on the INSIDE of the booklet (versus outside):

Save $$$ while retaining bill-backs.

Allows for a more efficient production–in the mail FASTER!

*Original, not scanned documents are recommended (as always)*
*Up to 6 images/impressions per booklet*

Besides the added benefits listed above, you can have your Company Logo printed on the front of each Booklet!


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