Offer your homeowners the option to receive their Assessment Statements via EMAIL!

With Optimal’s Electronic Distribution Platform, you will easily be able to gather your homeowner’s email addresses and email their statements.

To signup, homeowners navigate to a custom “Opt-In” website branded with a unique URL, logo and contact information.

Homeowners simply provide their Account ID, Unit Address Number, Name & Email to create an Account. With an account established, homeowners can simply opt in (or out) for electronic delivery. Upon approval of your Statement Billing Order, homeowners opted into eStatements will immediately receive their billing statement attached as a PDF. Owners signed up for eStatements will receive their statement before we have even started printing!

eStatements are in full color and will include any additional inserts that were included with the Association’s Statement Order.

The body of the email is completely customized for your management company including the layout, images, text, and links! Customize it to create a strong call-to-action.

Track link clicks, service your homeowners and make changes to your email layout at any time as a site administrator.



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