Express vs. Specialty Mailings

We are sometimes asked:

“What’s the difference between Express General Mail & Specialty Mail?”

To put it simply, it’s Processing & Time!

Mailings sent using “Express” or “Specialty” are always sent out at First-Class Postage. But that is where the similarities end!

To ensure you are taking advantage of Express Mailings, your Client Relations Specialist will re-open Specialty Mailings that are PERFECT candidates to use Express General Mail.

The emails will have the subject line “Order <Number> has been Re-opened” and are sent automatically from

  • Why wait around for a Proof when you can send it EXPRESS?!
  • Did you upload the wrong document or address list? Fix it INSTANTLY with EXPRESS! (No more going back and forth submitting/rejecting orders multiple times…)
  • Need to get additional sign off from your manager before approving? With EXPRESS, you can download a PDF Proof and email it to them!

EXPRESS Ordering means a mailing is off your desk quicker, produced
faster and into your Homeowners Mailboxes earlier!


  • Submit, INSTANTLY Proof, & Approve your Mailing all in a matter of Minutes!
  • Print in Black Ink or Color Ink (if selected).
  • By default, mailings print on White Paper. The first page OR ALL pages can be printed on our color paper of the month.
  • Customize your Window Message
  • Utilize Address Page Messaging


  • Orders are manually processed and proofed back to you. Proofs are provided back to you within 1 Business Day.
  • Orders usually contain some specialized processing or have custom features previously discussed with your Account Representative.


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