Below are responses from our clients around the country! Comments are copied directly from our Customer Satisfaction surveys and have not been altered for grammar or punctuation.

“Optimal is a life-saver right now, as our office has mostly been closed. I am able to still submit my mail outs and letters.” —Sarah W.

“I have always had the very best customer service from Optimal. Very knowledgeable and supportive. Fast service and good software.” —Josh B.

Meg is amazing and super helpful any time that I have any issues or questions!” —Kayla N.

Josh M & Nick. They always help when I need an order stopped or changed. And someone always answers when I call – that makes me happy!” —Shana U.
Alyssa Pangan is our Account Manager and she has been outstanding. Not only is she able to answer all of my questions, she assists me almost immediately, which I do not expect – usually if I can get a response by the end of the day, I am happy. Alyssa always makes sure she is available to help me right away, which reduces the delay in my work. We had such a positive experience with Optimal Outsource at our last management company that when we switched companies, we also switched our mailout outsource company to Optimal! :)” —Arielle C.
“Optimal is so easy to maneuver through and very self explanatory.” —Danielle S.
Justin, he has helped with stopping orders, finding orders and helping with issues about printing not being dark enough and how we can fix those issues for the future.” —Geneva W.
ERICA JARVI! She has helped me so many times, and is patient, knowledgeable, and kind. I call her whenever I have trouble mailing out orders, or even when I have a quick question about date mapping. I usually hate calling Customer Service with other companies, but I never hesitate to call Erica!” —Kellie R.
“Thank you Optimal! I have just added 4 more associations to a long list of mail, that I do not have to sit and mail out. this clears a complete full day of work for me! yay! Thank you Nicholas Murphy for your friendly help during our phone conversations, you have been a God send!” —April D.
“The training is superb. Always quick and informational! We love working with this company :)” —Tracy K.
“”Mail My PDF – Certified” has been a game-saver for our company. We’d been struggling with this process manually and discovering Optimal had this functionality….at a reasonable cost, no less!…has really improved productivity and more importantly accountability.” —Robert J.
“Optimal send out updates notification regarding the product and I try to review them so I am not surprised when I place my order. If I get stuck I can always call the customer service for help. They are great!!!” —Martin S.
“When I was a new Admin for our company that uses Optimal, I reached out to Erica Jarvi to help me walk thru a sample order. She knew which products our company typically uses and explained the process to me in an over the phone Go to Meeting. She also sent me PDF’s of written instructions. All of this was extremely helpful and I have done many mailings since without any hitches or mailing disasters. I find your website very easy to use. Our Director encourages the use of Optimal instead of doing our own in-house mailings by making sure our internal users get their requests for mailings into us 5 days before they have to go out. Love it.” —Martin S.
“In the past I have called Optimal for assistance and they were always so great at answering my questions and then go into Optimal and walk me thru the process that is Extra Great Service…..” —Anonymous.
Nick Murphy is the most responsive, helpful, friendly, professional person it has ever been my pleasure to work with. His patience, on an almost every month basis, is extremely valued. He knows what we need and works with our staff at a level that just doesn’t exist with other 3rd party providers.” —Leola Q.
“I love optimal. They do all the work and it looks great!!” —Katy C.
Justin Mansel. On first meeting him we were delighted to me someone so kind and knowledgeable about the product. He help me understand the process and is right there when we a problem occurs.” —Alexandra B.
“I honestly have no issues I can point out. You guys have given me an amazing guideline and training every time I call. Bottom line, you guys are doing an amazing job.” —Hilina B.
Joshua Minton. He helped me out of a jam which was to be honest my doing. I emailed him and he got right on it and the whole Optimal team came through for me and my company. Thank you so very much optimal.” —Irene B.
“Recently I contacted Meg Gay because I was unable to get a format correct on a post card. Not only did she step in to get it fixed to my specifications, she worked with the team to ensure that it would go out the same day as I was on an unexpected time crunch! She is always friendly and helpful!” —Renee H.
Justin Mansel is a life saver and is very polite. His customer service and clientele moral is extremely professional and fast…especially when I placed the wrong labels… on the 3rd of July. Justin gets the job done and saves the day, every time. BOOM!!” —Anonymous
“The training session in question went very well. Erica was prepared and well organized with her presentation. All conceptual instruction was clear. The session concluded without any open/pending issues for her to follow up. I would like to take the time to say how happy my staff and I are with her as our representative. She always conveys a positive attitude and delivers toward our success whenever we call upon her. She’s a real gem.” —Noel K.
“I have only had excellent service with Josh Pangan for years” —Sharon L.

“The ease of Mail My PDF has saved hours of man hours.” —Valerie S.

“Mailings are a breeze through Optimal, Anytime we need assistance Meg; Our Rep, is alway right there to assist us.” —Lynn U.

“What an INCREDIBLE company! I have worked with them for years and they have never made a mistake. Awesome people. Wonderful customer service. Fast, Efficient, INCREDIBLE.” —Tracey H.
“The system is user friendly and will let you view who is receiving a statement and you can remove owners before the item processes ” —Sarah H.
Erica saved me again and is a super hero! She found a PDF mailing that I made a mistake on and it was a miracle! I can’t thank you enough!” —Ashley V.
Nicholas Murphy is always so helpful. I always call to confirm what I am doing is correct and he is always so patient. As is everyone else I have spoke to there.” —Charie C.
“Frees up my time so that I don’t have to do it” —Crystal V.
“I like how it is always evolving and the email’s that are sent to help us understand and use the new options….keep those helpful emails coming….” —Sway R.
Tom and Erica are great to work with. They are always very helpful and available when you need them. Great service and great staff. [We are] proud to partner with Optimal.” —Gina H.
“No complaints! Chase is exceptional and we are so impressed with how far he goes to support our team. Thank you for making our mailing seamless!” —Terra M.
“I have only used your services a couple of times, but customer service was fantastic. I cannot think of anything that could have been done better at this time.” —Jacquelyn H.
“I love using Optimal it helps a ton and saves me time!!! Thank you!!” —Jaycee D.
“I am so impressed with Customer Service. When I first started uploading, I was frustrated, but your team walked me through until I felt comfortable.” —Anonymous.
Nicholas Murphy is always happy to answer my questions. His knowledge helps to empower me so I can provide better service to our clients.” —Anonymous
Erica is our rep and I can’t say enough good things about her! She is knowledgeable, dependable and super efficient. She is great to work with when I have questions!” —Amanda D.
“This is the most awesome resource any organization could use. Everything is done in a timely matter and mail is received on time.” —Doris S.
“I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude for all your help with that HUGE mailing from 2 weeks ago for Prestbury. There were NO issues and homeowners were impressed with the new updated mailing (we used to fold and do in house, you can imagine, lol) Optimal handled it so perfect and without any errors. THANK YOU for all your help too! Optimal has made many improvements throughout the year and we are excited for many more to come! I cant thank you enough for always going above and beyond!” —Yomara I.
Josh Minton is always very helpful. I needed something to go out within 24 hours and he made it happen. Thank you Josh!!!” —David E.
Meg is awesome! I had to pull a couple mailing orders last minute because meeting dates changed, and Meg was lightning fast to respond and save the day, more than once!” —Martin S.
“Optimal makes my job so much easier!” —Terri M.
“They are always helpful as I call often to make sure I am doing the orders correctly. Always available and they have the patience to answer my questions.” —Jennifer C.
Chase Carmel has been very patient with our branch when learning how to use Optimal and has driven or traveled to our offices to provide training. He was responsive when we reached out to him as well” —Karin H.
Josh Pangan – He hasn’t provided one particular service, rather he helps me with everything that comes up. He does it quickly, completely and professionally. If he isn’t available, he always makes sure someone else is.” —Kelly S.
Erica Jarvi offers outstanding service. She always answers the phone promptly and is kind and patient when providing assistance. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always eager to help.” —Kelly S.
“Ability to outsource most of our mailing needs while providing great customer service.” —Julia P.
“Questions are always answered right away and they are willing to work with us in finding a solution.” —Katie M.
Alyssa Pangan has been invaluable in assisting us with our transition to Optimal. She is always quick to respond to our immediate needs when placing orders for our billing statements and issues arise.” —Lauri N.
Joshua Minton is your team member that assisted us in getting set up in November 2017. He was very helpful and always got back to us quickly whenever we had a question or an inquiry.” —Tabitha C.
Erica Jarvi has help me many times and is always extremely helpful. I have worked with Erica for several years now and whenever I need assistance she has always been there to help. She is an asset to your company and I hope she is acknowledge and rewarded.” —Michael R.
“Everything has been great for the time that we have used Optimal! Josh is a great resource for help and has even done in office trainings with us!” —Ruby V.
“I am always so well taken care of when I reach out with questions or concerns. Your team is top notch!” —Ashley V.
“I wanted to reach out to you regarding my experience with Alyssa Pangan. I am a senior community manager for a partner company that utilizes your firm’s services for mailings, invoicing, etc. I’ve submitted dozens and dozens of mailings through Optimal, and I suppose I got a bit hasty with one. Alyssa caught an error that I made and alerted me, saving me endless amounts of client complaints and confusion.
She was so very helpful and very thorough, explaining to me how I could avoid a similar issue in the future. In our service based industry, we all know how quickly clients are willing to lash out because of a negative experience, but they often forget to acknowledge the truly great experiences. I just wanted to let you know that Alyssa made my day, and saved me from a considerable amount of grief and wasted effort. Please thank her for me.” —
Greg S.

Justin was quick and efficient and he saved us from a client satisfaction challenge.” —Nicholas R.

“I find Optimal very easy to use and my representative, Erica, is extremely helpful if I do run into issues. Thank you Erica!” —Jaime E.

“Optimal helps me to be more efficient.” —Dawn V.
“It’s one of the most convenient and helpful tools that I use as an HOA Assistant Manager. Thanks” —Laura K.
“It is simple to place an order and you don’t have to wait for a proof.” —Arnold M.
“You guys are always improving, your user friendliness can only go up from here.” —Erika H.
“I think you’re all doing a great job. Every time I call in and have a question it gets answered. If the rep cannot answer my questions they always get me to a person that can.” —Janet H.
Nicholas Murphy is my lifesaver. There are many times that I call him in a panic that something has to go out immediately and he usually is able to get it done. He is also very patient when I am calling for help.” —Mary F.
ERICA JARVI is #1!!! Hands down! We are so grateful for her!” —Ashley V.
“Flexible, responsive, takes care of our needs. Erica and Reeder rock!” —Ike D.
“I was and have been extremely happy with the services rendered from the optimal team. Justin has been very helpful.” —Geneva W.
“Optimal has eased the load off my desk, not having to fold and stuff envelopes on the 1st and 16th of every month is a HUGE blessing. i now send all late notices through optimal it such a lift off my shoulders” —April D.
“This is seriously the easiest system for mailing I’ve ever experienced. I love that it is easy to customize mailing yet they have already great templates set up for us.” —Kathryn H.
“You’re awesome! Let me take this time to say that I’m loving the program so far. Very easy to work with.” —Jackie W.
“Very user friendly program to use. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.” —Aspacia C.
“I’ve worked for other companies that have used other mailing options, but Optimal is so much easier.” —Anonymous
“Your services have been quite outstanding. I use them often and love my customer service rep, Justin Mansel. He is always willing to help in a pinch and that can be so important when meeting HOA guidelines and time-frames. Thank you.” —Laura K.
“I personally feel Optimal customer service is awesome; they are always quick to respond and resolve any issues, explain processes when I am confused, etc. I always feel I can proceed with my order without having to reach back out if I was confused after speaking to Optimal customer service.” —Savannah L.
Erica (and team) saved us from having to upload addresses for 23,000 homeowners! We can’t thank you enough!” —Ashley V.
Alyssa Pangan and Josh Pangan are my go to for all things. They are absolutely wonderful to work with. i know whenever I need assistance regardless my question that I am in good hands!!!!!” —Sherelle T.
“I have worked with optimal for several years and everyone is always friendly and responsive” —Jeri K.
“Opposed to another local print shop, it is user friendly and completely web based. You review an order multiple times which is helpful.” —Alyson H.
Josh Minton. He has always been a great help, from our initial roll out several years ago, to our addition of products since then.” —Max M.
Justin Mansel! He rocks! He is always answering all my questions, even the silly ones and he does it in such a friendly and professional way! Justin keep up the very good work!” —Tina S.
Meg Gay, she always answers any questions or concerns quickly, gives us solutions to our problems and it is always available to help. Great experience at all times. Thanks Meg!” —Yanet G.
Alyssa Pangan has provided continuous support for us to place billing statement orders. She is always quick to respond and tries to get our issues resolved as soon as possible.” —Carlo C.
Erica Jarvi – Always on top of everything and always has a positive attitude whatever is thrown her way. She exercises great leadership when helping within the shop and or helping other CSR’S. She stays consistent satisfying her customers. Always on time. She is a great example of a customer service rep.” —Daryl P.
Erica Jarvi, She helped me get a newsletter sent out to a community that is extremely picky. She had so much patience and understanding and took her time to help me get the newsletter perfect, and the community loved it!!” —Cody R.
“Optimal is the best! I am always shocked at how quickly they get everything out! A wonderful team, always willing to help and answer any questions! Great service!” —Jessica B.
“I finally learned to do all my mailings through Optimal and it’s easier than I thought! I don’t know why I was dragging my feet on it!” —Ashley V.

Justin is really helpful, patient and professional.” —Trish B.

“My experience with optimal has been great submitting information for my mail out has been fairly easy and quick.” —Yvonne R.
“Optimal is awesome! Helps a ton! Thank you for your service!!!!” —Jaycee D.
Chase Carmel is an ALL STAR! He is always willing to follow the mailing through to the end. So impressed with his customer service.” —Terra M.
“Please pass on my gratitude to your team. I have never had a vendor work so hard to help us and have a record so high. Literally 3 problems in like 5 years that we have been working together. Incredible. Outstanding.” —Joseph S.
“I have called about 10 times over the past few years and every time they have been super helpful. And the best part is they don’t hang up until you understand completely.” —Sway R.
“My experience with the team has always been positive and informative. They always answer right away. Our client relations specialist is Erica and she is amazing!” —Anelys G.
JUSTIN!!! You rock and are always such a huge support and know exactly how to help me solve my issues. I have never got off the phone with an issue unresolved.” —Noel K.
“Your system is user friendly and very effective. Turn around time has been great lately.” —Malia L.
“I contacted Nicholas Murphy directly with questions on an unusual mail out and he was able to provide me prompt and helpful information. Great job Nick!” —Rick Z.
Meg has been very helpful any time i have needed any assistance and the whole process has been easy” —Yomara I.
“The optimal team has always been very helpful and quick to respond if we have had questions. Very user friendly. I was super excited to have participated and won the March Madness contest for my company.” —Anonymous
“Your site is extremely easy to use and the process only take minutes! Thank you!” —Carrie L.
“All my orders have been sent out in a very timely manner, it’s impressive!” —Isaac A.
“Optimal is always top notch, and makes sending any large mail out so much quicker and convenient.” —Cody R.
“very easy to use and if I ever have questions and have to call the techs that answer are always quick to provide the answer I need and/or make any necessary correction” —Jacob C.
“I wasted more time walking to the printer to fold my letter to post it and then stick it in the mailbox – I never have to leave my desk to mail mass letters, etc. and is an extreme time saver.” —Savannah L.
Meg Gay, she always answers any questions or concerns quickly, gives us solutions to our problems and it is always available to help. Great experience at all times. Thanks Meg!” —Yanet G.
“Love Optimal’s Customer Service! I had questions when I was new and they were so helpful, explaining how to use the program, tracked down an incorrect order and adjusted it for me, and they always call me back when I have a quick question. Love Meg and Alyssa” —Terri M.
Erica has always been great very friendly, she knows how to help. I feel she is very responsive and she is always available when I need her. I absolutely love your service. Thanks so very much and glad your service is available for us.” —Donna T.
“Every time I have had to contact customer service they have been fantastic!” —Renee H.
“Time to be able to complete other tasks. We submit a lot of mail outs as a company that we just do not have the time/staff to complete in-house.” —Robyn G.
“I’ve worked primarily with Justin Mansel and he is always extremely helpful. We’ve been using Optimal for a few months now and he has helped our office out tremendously.” —Jessica L.
Erica Jarvi is wonderful. She is always friendly and eager to help in anyway she can. We usually have a snafu of our CSV file. I can always count on Erica to get it converted so it will be smooth sailing for the mailings on time.” —Coraima M.
“Both Josh M. and Meg. G have gone above and beyond with helping us place orders, get data right sometimes after hours Josh is on the phone helping. We couldn’t do what we do without them and appreciate your service.” —Erinn C.
Justin Mansel is MGM’s representative and he is a great pleasure to work with! Very prompt and informative. We had an issue with certified mail orders and he went out of his way to contact our local post office to troubleshoot and that was very much appreciated.” —Amanda D.
Meg Gay! Love her! Always responds quickly and understands that when I am having issues, it is holding up my workload. She always responds as quickly as she can and is extremely helpful.” —Terri M.

“I like the fact that I can count on the mailings going out in a timely manner (and I can make changes if I want)” —Sway R.