Community Manager mailings uploaded to Optimal will apply to the community within TownSq. Homeowners can access these documents directly on the site. It all starts with a mailing in Optimal and the seamless integration does the rest–connecting you with your homeowners, that much quicker!

TownSq is the only all-in-one app for communities and management companies. With TownSq, you can improve communication, while easily managing any administrative tasks, all in a completely customizable and secure environment designed for your community.

TownSq was developed to meet the three most important needs for managed community dwellers:






One of TownSq’s most popular features is virtual access to important documents, such as
meeting minutes, financials and governing documents. Other popular features include the ability to:

Connect with neighbors

Reserve common areas & amenities

Get up-to-date community news & events

Authorize guests

Pay online & review account balances


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